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Sunday, October 12, 2008

A DivaPug Needs Her Bling

Annie's New Pawty Dress

Donch yew love my new dress from Aunty Punchy? *bats eyelashes* It's got a crino-linn petty-coat and pretty bows and is my official pawty dress. Howie wants to know why the heck I'm getting all these prezzies lately and all he is getting is diddley squat. I got news fur Howie, mommy sez I'm the new pug on the block and she is needing to build up my bling factor a bit now that I am a big girl and I'm all spayed and everything. Howie sez he don't think I'm ready for the public just yet, but he's one to talk, considering he would eat poop if it had peanut butter on it. *makes gagging motion with paw*