Howie's Fan Club

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Annie's Early Christmas Prezzy

This here is Anniebelly!

*blows kisses* Do you notice anything different about me?? Besides the fact I am wearing my adorable Christmas coat I mean. *bats eyelashes* Look closely, do you see anything PINK with HEARTS on it??? Something that might make a little puggy girl's heart go pitty pat if she were to receive it in the MAIL from her hunky hunky puggy boyfriend Bajas???

Well if THAT doesn't make your heart go pitty pat, here is something that will. Have you ever seen such a dreamboat Santy? This here is my boyfriend Bajas from way across the world. He sent me this sweet new prezzy collar and a card expressing his love and affection for me. And who can blame him? I am, after all, puggy-cuteness in every way! *Howie makes gagging motion with his paw*

Thank you Bajas Hunny Bunny for my howliday gift, I love you sweetie! I will airmail you a little kissy as a reward. xoxoxo