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Friday, July 31, 2009

Annie's Theory About Boys

This here is Anniebelly.

As you know, Howie has been locked up in CratePrison for some weeks now, for his knee surgery. This has given me ample time to contemplate these new living arrangements, which I happen to think are just fine and dandy. With all these toys to myself, all the comfy beds to choose from, and all the kitchen beggin spots being occupied mostly by me, I have come to one conclusion. Girls are More Evolved

Now, there are, of course, some exceptions to that rule, such as my hunky fella, Bajas, who is an international city dwelling pug of culture and means. On the other paw, the EXTREME other paw, you have neanderthals such as my brother Howie Pee, who thinks that a middle name that mimics an illegal passtime is hilarious. Okay, that's enough thinkin for today. I have to run chickees, I have a pawdicure this afternoon. *blows kisses*

This here is Howie,
sneaking outta prison for my urinary event of the day. Did any of yew pugs notice that if you read Annie's post out loud it sounds like this:


heh heh. Oops! Gotta Run, the Warden's heading thisaway!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Warden Intercepts CratePrisoner Howie's Mail

Linus - WHAT? They've locked up
HowiePee?? My mentor, trainer, and

Perhaps if I destroy this here turtle
they will throw me in the slammer and Howie
and me can work out an escape plan.
That would make me CratePrisoner 619248!

As soon as Maw's back is turned,
I'm gonna hop that durn fence and
go and rescue Howie!

Actual Letters Found Under Howie CratePrisoner's Mattress

Dear Linus, this here is Howie.

Maw is makin the bed or some such useless nonsense when in fact she should be making me scrambley egg. Anyway, I jest opened her mail again and saw a TURBLE picture your Maw sent to her. I thought I would warn yew cuz it is probably gonna end up on the blog. Pack your bags and go to Tahiti for a week, my friend, until the media frenzy over this latest picture blows over. All I can say is when your Maw points that flashy thing at yew in the future, turn your head. Hey, it works fur me!
Your Uncle, Idol, Mentor and still CRATEPRISONER 619247 Howie Pee

Dear CRATEPRISONER 619247 Howie Pee,

It will probly take me a few weeks to work out a good plan, but I’m a comin to bust ya out of there Howie! Jest lay low and don’t draw any attention to yerself, k? I’m werking on my eskape plan but I’ll be there soon!


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Annie's Busy Mornin' Checklist

Annie's Busy Morning Checklist

1 - Wake up early
2 - Lay on mommy's pillow
3 - Poke feetsies straight up in air
4 - Nibble fingers that poke AnnieTummy
5 - Race to kitchen at 340 pug miles per hour
6 - Eat brekkie faster than both brothers combined
7 - Select Toy Du Jour and give it a spankin
8 - Power nap!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

We Interrupt Howie's Blog Fur This Important Message!

The 2010 Pug Rescue Calendar Voting Is Open!

The nation's largest pug rescue has launched its annual Calendar Contest to choose Ameria's Top Pug! Vote for your favorite pug for our the Dallas Fort Worth Pug calendar contest by August 1 at our contest site. Each vote is a $1 donation to DFW Pug Rescue, so use your paws and vote multiple times! The Top 13 pugs will be featured in our fabulous calendar and the grand prize pug who receives the most votes will be featured on the cover.

Official rules and important stuff:
Each photo submitted becomes the property of DFWPRC. Photos that are submitted cannot be professionally produced. Photos with people in them will not be considered and two photo entries are allowed per family. Pictures must be light enough, of good quality and not blurry. Pugs with less than 10 votes by July 1st, will be removed from the competition.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth of July Howliday!

Annie and Dad

This here is Anniebelly!!!

Happy Fourth of July howliday to all my peeps! Mommy finally wised up and put Howie behind bars. He's been living in a crate ever since he got back from visiting Dr. Radish Friday. So while Howie is getting ALL the attention and extra treats, I am posting my picture on HIS blog. Cuz I am so darned cute, don't you agree? *bats eyelashes* I'm sending howliday greetings to all my pals and most especially to my manhound, Bajas puggy. Have a wonderful Fourth everypuggy!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Howie's Knee Surgery - Send Food Pronto

From Howard Pee Pugpants:

Maw says in two days I'm getting extra treats cuz Dr. Radish is going to be operating on my knee tomorrow morning. Now I don't know much about surgery, but any doctor whose name is food is alright in my book. I have been getting all sorts of awards from my pals lately. I want to say thanks to all my pals cuz when I added it all up, I had twenty dozen and Annie only had three. So that means I am more popular and Annie is a L-O-S-E-R *Howie makes an L sign with his toes over his forehead* and mouths the word. Congrats to everypuggy who stole awards from this blog lately. I am proud of yew.

If you all don't hear from me fur a few days, it's because of the happy pills I will be takin.
Maw sez my blog posts are bad enough when I am not under the influence of narcotics. Please be thinking about me, k? Send me food, k? Good stuff. In case you don't got my address here it is:

Howie's House
Tree in Front Yard