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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dear Big Guy, Please Take Good Care of My Pal Stubby

CelebrityPug Stubby
looking all GQ

Dear Big Guy in the Sky:

This here is Howie. Not so long ago, one of my hero-pugs, Stubby, came to visit and he shared all his tips with me on making the ladies adore him, how to avoid sharing at dinnertime, and how to get extra scratchies and love by making cute faces at the mama. Just a few days ago, my maw said that Stubby went to heaven to be with you and my sister Winnie Wiggles. Even though I am extra super busy barking at planes that invade my back yard airspace and my nap schedule is demandin', I wanted to get you this important Stubby Instructional List pronto. Please don't skip any of these items, as Stubs was a pretty good boy and probably the worst thing he ever did was have me the bad boy Howie as his friend.

Stubby gets to have his own Popeye's Franchise, with 24 hour buffet access and keys to the fried chicken warehouse out back.
Stubby gets to snuggle next to my sister Winnifred on the softest cloud, all the other boys will have to wait their turn. She is real good at face washin, so this will keep him extra clean.

Stubby gets unlimited access to the special message dream tube to send kisses and love downstairs every night to his mama Michele. He will be needing to use this an extra lot for a while right now.

Stubby gets his own little motor cart with a horn that is loud and obnoxious so he can toodle around the clouds and not be late to any of the important eating activities. I hear there is a lot of eating up there, and my boy Stubs liked his kibble!

Most of all, please give my pal Stubby some extra hugs for his maw, Michele. Stubby sure had a way with the ladies, they all adored him, so all of the ladies are really missing him now, most especially his mama. Thank you, Big Guy in the Sky, for letting me meet Mister Stubs. Someday I hope to be half the puggy he was.

Yours Truly,
Howard Pee Pugpants
on his best behavior.

This is me, Howie, with my
good pal StubbyPug and his
mom, Michele, who I would
like to trade my maw for

This is Stubby and his groupies

This is my sister Annie with
Aunty Michele.

This is Stubby hanging out with all
the pug rescue peeps. Check out the cutey
just to his left!