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Friday, June 20, 2008

Two More Weeks!

Java, Howie and Winnie Wiggles
Fredericksburg Vacation 2007

Java, Howie and Annabelle are counting the days until their Pug Vacation in Fredericksburg, Texas. In two weeks they will be living large with mom and dad at the pet-friendly bed and breakfast, where breakfast arrives promptly at 7 am each morning and is usually a lovely fluffy egg-sausage casserole or something scrumptious like baked french toast. (Howie's mouth waters just thinking about it).

Howie said he is looking forward to barking at the guinea hens and Java likes running around the house from the front yard to the back yard and again from the front yard to the back yard ad infinitum, just because he can. This is Annie's first vacation trip with us, and our first trip without Angel Winnie Wiggles. Annie will get to meet the three dogs who live there and are the official greeters, including little Paris who is so small she can walk in and out the crack in the gate without even opening it. Paris may weigh only 3 lbs, but it is clear she is in charge of the dog and pony show on her little ranch outside of town.

We'll put on their finest gear and take the pugs to Dogologie for a refill on peanut butter cookies while we're in town, and mom and dad will visit their favorite little coffee shop with outdoor seating at a little old antique house just off Main Street. There won't be any late night partying with this bunch. It will be to bed at 9 pm for the puggies, but mom and dad will stay up and watch for the fireflies, who will be outside the back porch by the millions. Fredericksburg, here we come!


Wallflower, 11X14, Oil on Linen
From the Dallas Arboretum