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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Howard Pee Pugpantsez Thirsty Thursday

Howie Hittin' the Bottle

This here is Howie

Dad let me walk to the mailbox with him yes-turd-day to get the mail and it was a long walk. I got real thursty, so I gotta drink. It was a long walk (did I say that alreddy?), about fourteen hunnert steps from the front door down the driveway to the mailbox, cuz I had to stop along the way and check my Tree In Front Yard. It had been all winter since I picked up my mail so yew can imagine it took me a while. I had to read some, reply, read some more, reply. I asked Maw to gimme a sausage when I got back in and she said NO HOWIEE. NO NO NO. Have you ever heard of such hooey? Can somepuggy please mail me a sausage? This special diet is for the birds, and yew know how I feel about birds.

Pee Ess, in case Hanklin was wondering, we was clean outta PBR so I hadta have water. Sheesh. I tell ya what.