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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Howie Traumatized by Topiary or Topiary Terror Tuesday Only It's Sunday

You may be wondering why I am
suckling my blankey in public? It
all started when I went out onto the
porch to check my peemail.
*sound of harps and scene
fades back in time to porch*

Whoa! Hey, wutt the heck? Dude,
when was the last time you ATE??

Howie to self: "don't make eye contact,
don't make eye contact,
don't make eye contact..."

Hey, look at them eyes. I mean,
if yew ran into somethin like this
in a dark alley, wouldn't it scare
the poop outta yew too?

S'okay now, tho. What's not to like about
a pal who stands there and lets you pee on him???