Howie's Fan Club

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


(Photo for DFW Pug Rescue by Gary Edwards)

This here is Howie

My maw went to Pugapalooza last weekend and left me at home with Java and Annie. She said that I would jest be digging through people's bags for treats the whole time, so I could not go and enjoy this event where there was food. Have you ever heard such hooey in your life?

This here puggy in the picture is not related to me, but surely we have some common DNA cuz this puggy is saying GIMMEEEE that hot dog dad. It's what I wudda said, had I had the opportoonitty to be at pugapalooza. Instead, I was stuck here with Annie and Java. Did I say that alreddy? Anyway, they did raise lots of money for them rescue puggies, which is a good thing. It wudda been a better thing if'n I had been there to halp. Don't yew agree?

Your good pal, PeeMan