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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hurricane Howie Hunkers Down

We are hunkered down at the House of Pee!

This here is Hurricane Howie

It has been pouring cats and pugs since yes-turd-day and so my mission if I choose to accept it is to only pee indoors until this blows over. Maw had steam coming out of her ears this morning when she saw me showing my foster brother Tanner the correct way to pee on the leg of the leather couch.

My sister Anniebelly has been gathering up all her toys in the event she gets evacuated. I have put a big red cross on the roof with a sign that sez:


Annie said if the storm hits Dallas, she is planning to take only her most important toys, including pink piggy, the squeaky red ball, noisey frog, knobbley bear, and, of course, the hunk of yellow faux fur. She don't know it but I peed on the whole pile jest now while she was rootin around in the toybox.