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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Howie's Big Snake Adventure

Mom says it's important to make new friends.

Even if they have bad breath and scary beady eyes?

Wow, them fangs are impressive...

Hey, watch the neck buddy.

How did I get into this situation?

Last night ma was out in the yard with Annie and thought she saw a snake. She got real excited and started hollerin and hootin and yellin at dad to "GIT THE PUGGEES INSIDE"! I wanted to go outside and help find that snake cuz, as you see, I am well acquainted with snakes. But mom said NO HOWIE. NO NO NO. Just like that, real cruel like. So I sat in the kitchen and pouted til mom and dad came back into the house without the snake. I was real disappointed. Mom says we can't go out in the yard until she knows there are no snakes. So I'm stuck in here with Java and Annie bored to tears til this whole snake thing blows over. Life is, once again, cruel to the Howard Pee Pugpant-zes of the world...

Friday, September 26, 2008

A New Blog for Rescue Pugs

Frito went to the Rainbow Bridge after spending her
last years in the loving home of a pug rescuer in Houston.
She was a shining star for rescue and we sure hope she is
watching over us still!

I launched a new blog this week for Dallas Fort Worth Pug Rescue and I sure hope all my puggy friends will visit and let me know what you think! We are gearing up for Pugoween, the biggest pug event in Texas and our annual fundraiser. I posted a few pictures of some absolute cuteypugs in costume from last year on the new blog. I will do my best to make sure Howie behaves himself and shows some respect when I am blogging with my rescue hat on. He has already corrupted at least 6 foster pugs by showing them how to pee on inanimate household appliances in the Medina Foster Home for Wayward Pugs.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Java Helpin' Hurricane Ike Victims

"Who, me?"
Java, Hurricane Ike Assistant Puggy
(Depending on Nap Schedule)

Mom said that my name is in the news today fur being helpful to Hurricane Victims. I don't remember helping, since I have a pretty full nap schedule. Maybe I was sleep walkin' when it was time to pass out the coffee. We think this is a great story about how Hurricane Ike victims are helping each other out.

Java Helpin'
Hurricane Ike Victims

Java was flowing Wednesday at nearly half of the Houston area's 150 Starbucks locations. As people in the Houston area struggle with widespread power outages and shortages of necessities days after Hurricane Ike, some are finding comfort, information and community at coffee shops that have managed to reopen.... (Read the whole story...)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Texas Puggies Prepare for Hurricane Ike

We are hunkered down at the House of Pee!

Howard Pee Pugpants and Anniebelly Bossybritches are getting ready for Hurricane Ike, a big storm heading to Texas and expected to hit hard Friday. The Flower Mound Humane Society and other humane societies across Texas are helping take in dogs and cats for evacuees, so don't forget your furbabies if you are heading up toward Dallas to get away from the storm!

Annie said if the storm hits Dallas, she is planning to take only her most important toys, including pink piggy, the squeaky red ball, noisey frog, knobbley bear, and, of course, the hunk of yellow faux fur leftover from some long ago deflated toy which no longer has an identity but which she holds close to her little puggy heart.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Art in the Swiss Avenue Historic District...

If someone invited you to their historic mansion, you would probably remember what time to arrive, right? Well, I arrived an hour too early to drop off my painting, Sanctuary, at this beautiful home in the Swiss Avenue Historic District in Dallas. The gracious host swore it was all his fault and he must have had the time wrong. All of the artists participating in Artscape had pieces featured here at a party yesterday evening. I hope when I pick up my painting this weekend, all will be forgiven, and I can see a bit more of this beautiful home.

This is a big month for arts at the Dallas Arboretum. They announced this week they will be sponsoring another Garden Paintout beginning September 20. I'll be at the Arboretum on weekends in September and October capturing some of their latest blooms on canvas. Something tells me it is going to be a bit cooler painting there this month than it was in July! Artscape on the Arboretum grounds kicks off September 20-21, with food, entertainment, and artists in tents hoping it doesn't rain. I'm pretty excited, it's my first outdoor show. *note to self to pack mosquito repellant and comfy shoes*

During the month of September, you can also stop by the DeGolyer House on the Arboretum grounds to see two of my works that were selected for the juried art show from the Mayflower Paintout, Splash and Sanctuary. For more details on all the art stuff happening at the Arboretum, visit the Events section of my web site.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Mystery of the Missing Hairbrush

The Mom: Honey, have you seen my hairbrush?
The Dad: No, I haven't touched your hairbrush. Where did you have it last?
The Mom: I left it right next to the bed on the dresser. I clearly remember leaving it right next to the bed on the dresser.
The Dad: grmble grmbllegooky grrmble
The Mom: WHAT did you say??
The Dad: Um, oh, I said, are you SURE you left it there? You said the same thing about that strawberry fruit rollup the other day, and we never did find that.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008



If you saw my earlier painting, Aspire, this might look familiar! These colorful flowers were directly across from the red flowers portrayed in my earlier painting Aspire. I painted Aspire and Reflection from photos taken while visiting Balboa Park in San Diego recently. Balboa Park is a real treasure for photographers and painters, as well as puggies who are just out for a stroll. It doesn't cost a thing to get in or park, and you can stay all day!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Howie Boot Camp

When my brother Howie first arrived, I said,
"Let the little monster outta the pigpen.
I can train him, ma!"

Right away, I knew I had my paws full....

With the proper toys and distractions, I was able
to focus his energy upon chewing and destroyin'
stuff, valuable skills every pug should have.

He got tuckered out alot, so I also supervised
the nap activities. Pretty soon I had him snoring
and farting like a champ. Mom and dad scooch
over, Howie is ready for the big bed!

Nowadays, he's mainly just annoying. But he does make
a toasty warm blanket, that's fur sure.

This is me showing Howie how to use the doggy door...