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Friday, October 24, 2008

Say Toodles to Skippy Wu, Fashion DivaPug

Skippy Wu, a fashionable Washington puggy
with a style, personality, and blog all her own.

We want to roll out the red carpet (covered with honorary puggy hair, we might add) for our dear friend Skippy Wu. *waves hi to Skippy Wu* Skippy has launched her own blog so wriggle over and say hi to her. Tell her that Howie Pee sent you.

Our mommy is not always the smartest potato in the sack, it took her TWO or THREE times to figure out that one of our best-est puggy friends Skippy is blogging now! As you can see, Skippy to My Wu is quite the beauty queenpuggy. She has her own line of gorgeous accessories with her mama's shop, Linden Line Designs. Can somedoggy please explain why our mommy can't make beautiful thingies for us? Our mommy is still learning to make toast. *sniffs air suspiciously* Uh oh! we better go and check, we smell toast burning....

Signed with excitedness,
Howie, Annie, and Java Cheese

My First Winter Without You

Winnifred Wigglepants
Beloved Pug Angel

Tonight they're predicting temperatures in the 40s. Summer is gone and every change is a reminder that you were beside me at this time last year. You are still with me now, but in my heart, my little velcro muffin and my shadow, my little love.