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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Texas Twisters Visit Howie's House

Howie and Annie Prepare Fur the Storm!

Last night we had twisters and thunderboomers in North Texas, with Flower Mound right in the center of the activity. At 6:15 pm, the tornado sirens started wailing. At 6:30 pm, the trees outside started whipping around and the wind started blowing UP from the ground. The doggy door flap flew open and stayed that way, a first! I grabbed blankets, pillows and the box of dog snacks and called the puggies to follow me into the bathroom. Annie had one of her new toys and thought this was going to be a great game of Keep Away from Mama. I finally had to grab her (and the beloved toy) and carry them into the bathroom with her brothers.

We were right under that red blob to the left of Dallas. Two tornados touched down in Flower Mound. This morning there were trees snapped in half throughout our neighborhood and roof shingles everywhere. It was a wild ride, but we survived! We're really lucky because the next door neighbors have two giant trees by our house and they had them both trimmed last week. Otherwise we may have had a lot more damage!

Thanks to everyone who sent warm wishes to Anniebelly for her surgery Tuesday. She is doing great and is especially enjoying her two new toys and her new bed.

Stay safe and dry out there! Over and out from Still Stormy Texas! xxxooo