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Friday, May 29, 2009

Howie Concerned About Annie's Face

Notice the strange protruberance
that has suddenly appeared on
Annie's face.

From Dr. Howard Pee Pugpants, Fellow of the College of Puggy Plastic Surgery

This here is Dr. Howie. I present today the strange case of Annie's Facial Protruberance. *turns down lights and flips on laser pointer* Please try to control the urge to look away, or you won't learn anythin. This picture shows the protruberance as it suddenly appeared without warnin' yesterday on Annie's face, right after suppertime.

Maw and Paw don't seem to care, but being as I am a board certified puggy plastic surgeon, I immediately took note of the odd shaped growth. Now, granted, Annie's face always struck horror each time I looked upon it in the past, but now, with this new development, I think I have enough to submit a case report to the Journal of Maxillo-Facial Pug-Onometry.

Thank yew to everydoggy who has expressed their concern that I have to live with such a malformed creature. I am bearin up as best can be expected.