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Monday, February 2, 2009

Howie Survives Playdate With Ferocious Pug Puppies

From Howie:

Mom said I had to be on my best behavior
cuz Linus and his little sister are coming over
fur a meetup. This was the dressiest thing I own.
I don't know why she told me to put it back
and get my tie. sheesh.

From Anniebelly:

These are all the toys I'm not gonna share
with the puppies coming over today.

From Howie:

Life is very unfair to us puggies sometimes.

Scout and Jacqueline arrive, ready fur the playdate.

Linus is carried into the house like a little king by Dani

Linus showin Uncle Howie his good side

Much to Annie's consternation, Scout decides
Annie's toys are delishush

So, do you think this will earn us extra treats later?

Scout tells Linus that girls rule, and he should just get used to it.

Howie thinkin about hidin under the bed.

Okay you pups. Listen up to Uncle Howie.
When the cookie jar rattles,
run head over heels into the house and
knock over anydoggy that gets in your way.
That's the first lesson yew need to learn around here.

Scout sure does got some sharp teefies.

Mmmm, Scout's elbow tastes delishush!

From Uncle Java:
Um, you young folks might want to settle down a little.
Somepuggy could get hurt!

Uh oh, the little one in pink is looking me in the eye.


Scout discovers the weakest link!

The whole meetup crowd!

Meagan, Scout's mom; Dani holding Linus;
Susan getting smoochies from Howard;
Jacqueline giving Java a booster. What a great day!


Hey peeps! Let's do this again tomorrow!
Right after my nap....