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Friday, March 30, 2012

Heaven's Newest Angel, Payton


We are so sad today in the Medina Foster Home for Wayward Pugs to hear that sweet Payton has gone to the Bridge. Her mom and dad, Christy and Tim, loved her with all their hearts, and kept her healthy and happy despite her battle with encephalitis. Her little body was tired and could not fight any more yesterday.

I remember losing Winnie Wiggles to GME Encephalitis in January 2008, and what a dark time this was in my life. The friends on dogster and the friends here on the blog carried me on their shoulders. I hope you will reach out to Christy and Tim and send them love, prayers, and comfort. There will never be another dog as determined and brave as little Payton. She beat so many odds for so long, what a blessing that we got to meet her right here not so long ago in our own home.

Run free sweet angel, until we meet again.

My tribute to Winnie:

Heavenly Missive

My Ode To Winnie Wiggles

Whippy creme and scrambled eggs are

Way up here in Heaven

In case you too

See only blue and wonder what you're gettin

They're other things like angel wings

With fur that's never sheddin'.

There's no disease or achin knees

and wrinkles smooth and silken

I fall asleep and dream of you

and times when we were given

to sprint and run and tug on toys

and dash to mom for lovin.

Tonight no tears oh Howie dear

because I have been taken

I’ll kiss your cheek and whiskers sweet

And heal the ache within you.

The pain it fades and goes away

And even loss feels lighter

When time moves on then pushes back

All that separates us.