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Monday, December 17, 2012

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Me and AnnieBeeBossySmelly

This Here is Howie

Maw seems to have furgotten my bloggy, so I stole her password and am writing this in-cog-neeto. It's been super chilly lately, so as yew can see I am forced aginst my will to snug my bossy sister AnnieBee. Foster sissy who gots adopted Hannah don'ts boss me. Her front legs are wiggley jiggley so if she gets on my last nerve I jest knock her over and maw yells at me. Sheesh the drama amongst the womens around here.....

So anyways, since it's so durn cold outside, I've had to stay indoors a LOT lately in blankeys and on beds and stuffs. And pee on that indoor tree maw so conveniently put in the living room fur me a few weeks ago. Life is good fur the Howie Pees of the World. So wutt have yew been up to lately, hmmmm? If its gots anything to do with food, please use lots of adjectives and mail me sum.

Your good pal, PeeMan, GhostWriter Puggy, Under Cover, So To Speak.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tuni Tuesday - A Tribute to a Lovely Angel Diva

Me and my brothers sawing logs - notice my double bed?

This here is AnnieBee

My handsome friend CocoPuggy posted where he likes to nap as a tribute to Aunty Angel Tuni, so I told Mama Who Adores Me that I wanted to do a Tuesday Tuni Tribute Too! Aunty Tuni taught me so much about being a divaqueen, even back when I was a babydiva and had so much to learn about bossin. Today whats I sees is whats I gets when I wants it - and I owe it all to Aunty Tuni's Training Program. I hope Aunty Tuni Angel is keeping watch over me. If she is, I will continue to always receive first choice of the new toys, first choice of the mama's lap time, and first serves at snackees and dinner times. We love you Angel Tuni, and hope you whispers in your mama's ear when she is dreaming so her heart will be comforted. Kisses from AnnieBee forever...

My favorite picture of Aunty Tuni with her Toy!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Heroes in the Sky - Howie's Tribute to Hank

Hank, the King of Pugs

Dear Big Fella in the Sky

This here is Howie. I know I usually have to apologize for stuff I've done when we talk, but today I just want to ask you to watch over my buddy and my hero, Hanklin. He's settling in on his bran new cloud at your house and I imagine right about now he got his first look at my sissy Winnie Wiggles, whose jiggles have been known to give younger pugs palpitations. I'm glad Hank is feeling better today. He just sent me a text that he just had his fourteenth hamburger and washed it all down with a cold brew from the best stuff on tap he ever tasted. He said you even remembered no onion on his burger, without being reminded at all. Tomorrow he said he and all the pugs are going skiing on a pontoon pugboat and then they're gonna roast weenies and marshmallows and sit by the pool while the ladies talk about what will be on the all you can eat 24-hour buffet. He said the only thing that could make it better was if he got to tell his maw, one more time, how much he loves her. I promised I'd pass that along if he'd send me one of them hotdogs. Thanks for watching over Hank - tell him I'll be waiting on that delivery here by the front door. Signed most sincerely, Howie.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Me and My Mama

This here is Hannah!

This is my first very own blog post, for Thankful Thursday, because on Sunday I found my furever home. I had been being pampered and spoiled and loved and squishy-fied at the Medina Foster Home for Wayward Pugs for one entire year as of last month. So on Sunday, foster mom and dad decided to make it official and applied to adopt me. I carefully reviewed their adoption application, paying particular attention to the number of mealtimes per day (three plus extra when mama fergits) plus the size of portions and how many snackies would be sprinkled in between meals. Then I asked for a list of the size and number of soft beds scattered about, and how many faux fur blankies would be mine all mine. After I was completely satisfied that my minimum requirements for spoilage were met, I had a talk with Java-kins. He is, after all, the puggy boy of my dreams (Sorry Bella, but pug-session is 9/10ths of the law...) I have been batting eyes at Java for about a year now, although he so far has only looked confused and tried to proclaim his undying love for his brother, Howie. When Java agreed that having my fluffy self nearby as an occasional footrest or snugbuddy was okay with him, I promptly gave the adoption application my pawprint of approval.

Congratulations Mom and Dad, I belong to you! You can call me Hannah Medina.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

AnnieBee's Deep Thoughts Thursday

Seriously? You would rather paint than play with me?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Her Majesty Wears Many Hats

Her majesty wears many hats

This here is AnnieBee

I took Daddy Who Does My Bidding and Mommy Who Carries Me Around Like Royalty to Pugapalooza Saturday to see all my pug rescue peeps. It was a super bizzy day, and so many folks wanted to say hi and give me pats. Although you can see I was wearing a perfectly spectacular hat, Mommy got so wrapped up in talking to her friends she didn't sign me up for the hat contest. Fortunately, one of my puggy pals won the best bonnet award, so I wasn't too upset about that, since I'm pretty sure I can borrow the crown from her next time she comes to visit so I'll have a turn wearing it about my kingdom. I hope you all have a nice Easter planned - I'll be the guest of honor at Grammy's house and I expect my services will be required in the tater tasting kitchen. Mommy said this visit will officially earn me enough tator tasting points to gain my MPQ (mashed potato queen) certification, one which my big sissy Winnie Wiggles had for many years. The best part after visiting Grammy and feasting on the goodies is the long trip home snoring like a band saw in Mommy's lap. What wonderful plans do you have for Easter? Most importantly, what's on the menu? hmmmm?

Dallas Ft Worth Pug Rescue - Pugapalooza 2012

Friday, March 30, 2012

Heaven's Newest Angel, Payton


We are so sad today in the Medina Foster Home for Wayward Pugs to hear that sweet Payton has gone to the Bridge. Her mom and dad, Christy and Tim, loved her with all their hearts, and kept her healthy and happy despite her battle with encephalitis. Her little body was tired and could not fight any more yesterday.

I remember losing Winnie Wiggles to GME Encephalitis in January 2008, and what a dark time this was in my life. The friends on dogster and the friends here on the blog carried me on their shoulders. I hope you will reach out to Christy and Tim and send them love, prayers, and comfort. There will never be another dog as determined and brave as little Payton. She beat so many odds for so long, what a blessing that we got to meet her right here not so long ago in our own home.

Run free sweet angel, until we meet again.

My tribute to Winnie:

Heavenly Missive

My Ode To Winnie Wiggles

Whippy creme and scrambled eggs are

Way up here in Heaven

In case you too

See only blue and wonder what you're gettin

They're other things like angel wings

With fur that's never sheddin'.

There's no disease or achin knees

and wrinkles smooth and silken

I fall asleep and dream of you

and times when we were given

to sprint and run and tug on toys

and dash to mom for lovin.

Tonight no tears oh Howie dear

because I have been taken

I’ll kiss your cheek and whiskers sweet

And heal the ache within you.

The pain it fades and goes away

And even loss feels lighter

When time moves on then pushes back

All that separates us.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pecan Toe Strikes Again!

Hannah (prior to Pecan Toe incident)
Photo by

This is Hannah, and I'm the foster puggy at the Medina Foster Home for Wayward Pugs. I've been living here with Howie and his minions for almost a year now, so I am pretty sure I'm going to be a permanent fixture, something foster mommy says she just cannot do without, even more so than chocolate or whippy creme on her coffee.

Yesterday I was afflicted with the dreaded Pecan Toe. I made foster mommy promise not to tell anyone, and she agreed we would never speak of it again. When I walked into the house, my little pinky toe felt so peculiar. Mom took a look and she had these wise words: "Wutt the heck???" She reached down and extricated a little empty pecan husk that had neatly wrapped itself around my unsuspecting toe. She let me sniff it thoroughly before she put it in the trash, calling it names and berating it for cramping Her Hannah Banana's style.

I felt much better after my toe was de-pecan shell-ized. I could hop around without making a clickety clack noise on the hardwood floor, and Howie stopped making comments about how much he liked Pecan Pie fresh out of the oven with ice cream on top. Foster mom said she thinks it's cute that a little southern gal like me would be the only puggy she has ever known to come down with a distinctly antebellum malady such as Pecan Toe. It's just one more reason I am special.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Night of the Living Fatties

Howie christening grammy's new recliner

This here is AnnieBee

When the zombies come, they are going to eat Howie first. Then Hannah, then Java (not because he is fat, but because he has froggy legs and smells like cheese), and lastly possibly me, depending on how fast zombies can run. Howie I went to grammy's house for Thanksgiving recently and I was able to get this photo of my brother sitting on grammy's bran new recliner. I told mommy he looks like a rump roast with fur, and she told me it wasn't nice to say things about your brother like that. I told mommy I cannot help that my little mind runs to food all the time, after all, I am a pug! So, my question for you is, in your house, when the zombies come, who would get eaten first? Hmmm?

Friday, January 6, 2012

Goodbye to Annie's Love, Bajas

This post is from long ago, when Annie first fell in love with Bajas. Today, Bajas has gone to the bridge, where he is running free and no longer in pain. Our hearts go out to his mom, Ane, and his fursiblings. We send love and comfort from across the world. Go gently, sweet Bajas, the beautiful boy of Annie's heart.

A story from when they first met:

Hi, this here is Anniebelly. Today I want you to meet my
sweetiepuggy, Bajas who makes my heart go pitty pat.

Handsome, isn't he? Look at those dreamy nose folds and
those big brown eyes. He has been hiding under the covers lately,
but posed for a photoshoot for the pug-parazzi yesterday.

Bajas is not only handsome, he is a brave metropolitan
puggy who is not afraid to take the city bus in Norway.

This is Bajas' brother, Virus, who is a Devon Rex Kitty. Bajas said
he is pretty sure Virus is adopted, since they eat different food and all.

*I love you Bajas! I am sending you kisses Airmail to Norway from Texas!*