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Monday, January 9, 2012

Night of the Living Fatties

Howie christening grammy's new recliner

This here is AnnieBee

When the zombies come, they are going to eat Howie first. Then Hannah, then Java (not because he is fat, but because he has froggy legs and smells like cheese), and lastly possibly me, depending on how fast zombies can run. Howie I went to grammy's house for Thanksgiving recently and I was able to get this photo of my brother sitting on grammy's bran new recliner. I told mommy he looks like a rump roast with fur, and she told me it wasn't nice to say things about your brother like that. I told mommy I cannot help that my little mind runs to food all the time, after all, I am a pug! So, my question for you is, in your house, when the zombies come, who would get eaten first? Hmmm?