Howie's Fan Club

Monday, September 1, 2008

Howie Boot Camp

When my brother Howie first arrived, I said,
"Let the little monster outta the pigpen.
I can train him, ma!"

Right away, I knew I had my paws full....

With the proper toys and distractions, I was able
to focus his energy upon chewing and destroyin'
stuff, valuable skills every pug should have.

He got tuckered out alot, so I also supervised
the nap activities. Pretty soon I had him snoring
and farting like a champ. Mom and dad scooch
over, Howie is ready for the big bed!

Nowadays, he's mainly just annoying. But he does make
a toasty warm blanket, that's fur sure.

This is me showing Howie how to use the doggy door...