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Friday, July 23, 2010

AnnieBelly's Latest Acquisition

AnnieBelly breaks in her latest acquisition.

This here is AnnieBelly

I was perusin' lovely bloggies today and happen to read an important story about Aunt Josie's new sock monkey bed from Walgreens. Lo and behold I realized I don't got no sock monkey bed! *Annie stomps paw and steam comes outta her ears*

As soon as I informed my secretary she grabbed her car keys and went to Walgreen to correct this terrible oversight. Did she come home with the proper sock monkey I had ordered? Nope. But she did find this fluffy puppy dog bed and said I should give it a try. I carried it up and down the hall and then I chewed on its eyeballs and then I shook it till the seams rattled, kinda like I do Howie when he is particular annoyin.

I do love my puppy dog bed, it's nice and it''s.....zzzzz....zzzzzzzzzz