Howie's Fan Club

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Howie Emcees the Western Monster Dog Show

Hey everypuggy, the Western
Monster Dog Show is on!!!!

Hey Java, didn't we meet this guy at
Remedial Puppy class a few years ago??

Wudderu think is in all them big
yellow boxes? Cheese mebbe?

I hate it when they cry on
camera. So unprofessional.

Hey Rudolph! Where the sled????

What the heck? How many Beagle
categories can there be?????

I don't know what that guy's doing,
but he's a few sprinkles shy
of a cupcake if you ask me.

All these weenie dogs are
making me hungree!!

I don't get it. Why'd he win? He
ain't nothin but a Hound dawg!!!

I hates it when the pugs lose...