Howie's Fan Club

Monday, May 18, 2009

Howie Enrolls Annie in Puggy Craig

Anniebelly, left, and Howie Pee, right,
about to partake of a treat
(Activity not sanctioned by Puggy Craig)

From Howie Pee Pugpants:

This here is Howie. Now I'm not exactly saying Annie is fat, but once saw her cut her toe and she bled gravy. So I'm providing some helpful suggestions for the gravitationally challenged.

I think by now yew have all had a chance to examine the forthwith previous documentation and will all agree Annie is a prime candidate for Puggy Craig. Notice the layers and layers of mooshiness in the picture above. *points to pug on the left* Now I didn't say that was fat, did I? The pug on the right is me, sleek, tall, good looking and exceptionally intelligent.

Now, take a look at the FAT DOG CHART I stole from Purina below that. It is clear that Annie fits all the parameters for excessive jiggliness. I have ordered a crate of them Puggy Craig dinners. I will eat the first crate for her, jest to make sure the food is safe.