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Monday, August 9, 2010

Puppy Dog Bed in Intensive Care

Annie anxiously waits
for the surgeon to finish

This here is AnnieBee with terrible news

Puppy Dog Bed is having surgery today. *wipes tear* Howie ate one of his eyeballs off and then started ripping out the stuffin through the hole. *shudders with horror* Mommy said that she had to do emergency surgery right away or else Howie would get constipated. So Puppy Dog Bed is in the surgical center and I'm stuck out here with nothin' but 3 year old copies of Sports Illustrated to read.

Caution - Graphic image -
hide eyes before viewing

The surgeon shooshed me out of the room during certain parts, she said they were too graphical for my little self to see. She said only old puggies who have been around the block could sit through something this awful without fainting. Howie sat through it and said he farted the whole time. I'm concerned the air was contaminated and fart particles during the surgery. *Annie makes note to puggy self to wash puppy bed in extra bleach*

The tearful reunion

GREAT NEWS!!! Surgeon said Puppy Dog Bed is going to be OKAY!!!! I was so happy to see Puppy Dog Bed when he came out of surgery. I grabbed him by the face and yanked him outta the surgeons' grip. Surgeon said to treat him with tender care and handle very gentley for the next 3 hours.

This is me making sure Puppy Dog Bed is back in tip top shape right after surgery. Howie climbed on and wouldn't get off. *steam comes outta Annie's ears*