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Monday, November 2, 2009

Howie Concerned About Annie's Crooked Head

This here is Howie:

I am still in charge of the blog even though I let Maw upload that mooshy picture of Java on his birthday. I decided to let that slide since we all got extra treats that day and all. I posted this here picture to show you guys my weird sister AnnieFattySmellyBelly with the crooked head. She is the fat one on the left.

I am real worried about her crooked head and I seg-jested to mama that we send her off to some special hospital in the Alps real soon so they could examine her and keep her for a few months of close bob-servation.

Maw acted like she didn't hear me. Can you believe it??? Anyway I also heard through the grapevine that my pal DozerPants escaped from prison and went off in search of mini meatloafs. DozerMan, if yew are readin this and you FIND them meatloafs, you can hide out at my house. I'll let you have Annie's pillow after she is exported to Switzerland.