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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Emmitt - The Singing Angel

Emmitt, Heaven's Newest Angel

Emmitt with his mom and dad, Melissa and Fred

Emmitt is singing his special happy song in heaven today. He has joined all of the angels that have gone before, so there was quite a crowd of his adoring fans waiting at the pearley gates when he arrived. Melissa said that Emmitt has his very own Easy Bake Oven in heaven, and he has been making delicious meatloafs all day and sending them to his pug friends. That is just like Emmitt, always thinking of others, just like his sweet mom. We will never forget you Emmitt, you will be in our hearts forever.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sweater Day for StubbyPug

The Puggy Fetty Circle of Love honoring Stubby

This here is Howie - We are 2 days late, but I insisted maw get to work on my blog to honor my good pal, Stubby, who has gone to heaven where the buffet is open 24-7 and everypuggy recycles. The closest thing to recycling that I do is to be related to a sister who eats all the garbage every chance she gets. Thanks to Winston puggy for telling us about this.

This one is for you StubbyMan! We love you guy, and hope you are watching over us.