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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Howie Wins an Award for Missing Work for Eduardo Puggle Today

Howie's Award He Won For Doin'
Absolutely Nothing and
Missing Work Today fur the Puggle

Howie explains to the baby puggies how to avoid
work and get into trouble a few times every day.

From Howard Pee Pugpants:

My pal Moco gave me this award today and there were a lot of rules to go with it and I'm supposed to share it with my pals. I'm not gonna share it. I'm gonna keep it with the Stain Award I stole from my pal Pearl. I think there are rules that go with this award too. I'm not gonna do any of the rules, either, unless one of them is about farting out loud.

As you can tell, I woke up on the wrong side of the crate this morning. Annie kept yelling at me to GIT UP ITS TIME TO WORK FUR THE SNUGGLE PUGGLE EDUARDO TODAY. I told her to call in and tell BossMan Eduardo I am taking a Howie Mental Health Day. I fastened the latch on the doggy door while Annie was out in the yard, so my Howie Mental Health Day has been great so far. Just ignore that pounding sound from the back door, k?