Howie's Fan Club

Friday, February 27, 2009

How to Properly Eat Ice Cream by Linus Puggy

Hi there, this here is Linus Super Pup.
Today's lesson is how to eat ice cream
like a champion puggy. First you find the right bowl.
Next, you instruct your hooman to fill it
to the brim with your favorite flavor.

Next you express your appreciation by making loud
smacking noises. Be sure to use your face as a handy
ice cream scoop, getting bits of yumminess way up
into the snorfley wrinkle above your itty bitty nose.

Uncle Howie taught me that this is a good place to store
snacks fur later consumption, plus the ice cream ferments
and gives off a pleasing cheesy aroma after a few days there.
This concludes your Lesson Fur Today on how to properly
eat Puggy Ice Cream.