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Friday, July 31, 2009

Annie's Theory About Boys

This here is Anniebelly.

As you know, Howie has been locked up in CratePrison for some weeks now, for his knee surgery. This has given me ample time to contemplate these new living arrangements, which I happen to think are just fine and dandy. With all these toys to myself, all the comfy beds to choose from, and all the kitchen beggin spots being occupied mostly by me, I have come to one conclusion. Girls are More Evolved

Now, there are, of course, some exceptions to that rule, such as my hunky fella, Bajas, who is an international city dwelling pug of culture and means. On the other paw, the EXTREME other paw, you have neanderthals such as my brother Howie Pee, who thinks that a middle name that mimics an illegal passtime is hilarious. Okay, that's enough thinkin for today. I have to run chickees, I have a pawdicure this afternoon. *blows kisses*

This here is Howie,
sneaking outta prison for my urinary event of the day. Did any of yew pugs notice that if you read Annie's post out loud it sounds like this:


heh heh. Oops! Gotta Run, the Warden's heading thisaway!!!