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Friday, December 16, 2011

Reality Pug TV - Howie's Live Pug Cam Video - Wild Pugs Doing Puggy Things

This here is Reality Show Pug Howie

I'm a star of my new show, Reality Pug TV. That there good lookin' pug laying in the orthopedic pug bed with two chicks is me. I'm the good lookin' one on the right. The two fat ones to the left are my sisters, Hannah and AnnieSmelly. My main man Java is there in the back, ready to do my biddin should I need a chilled beverage or the remote.

Maw and Paw hooked up the pug cam a few months ago and didn't tell me. I didn't find out about it til I got busted calling my girlfriend Pearley the other day on maws cell phone. Pearley and me we like to chat about important things, like making art out of our poo. Aye Tee and Tee got suspicious about excessive pugtexting and called maw at work one day, and that's when the turdleys hit the fan.

Now I just lay here all day, bossin my peeps, fartin on my sisters, and snoring. Tune in tomorrow for another riveting photo from the pug cam. Dad says with all this action and adventure, the pug cam is definitely not a premium channel, but what does he know. He should go back and play angry birds on his phone and mind his own bidness or somethin' already.