Howie's Fan Club

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Annie Writes a Letter to the Easter BunnyPug

Dear Easter BunnyPug:

This here is Anniebelly. You remember me, I had my first easter last year in my new home with Howie Fartypants and Java SmellsCheesey, my new brothers. I've been really good so I just want one thing this year. To move in with Tweedles. Please see attached documentation to support my official request below. *Annie lowers lights and flips on laser pointer*

As you can see, Tweedles is given REAL delicious
eggs, while I am given, well, NOTHING. *cuts
googley little eyes at her mama*

Tweedles also receives magnificent bouquets of
tulips and easter themed flowers appropriate to
whichever holiday is currently on the puggy calendar.
As you can see from my empty vases *pronounced vaw-zez*
I get NOTHING. *looks pointedly again at her mama*

Easter BunnyPug, I have confidence in your ability to
immediately assess what I am about to say just from
one glance at this picture. If you need me to EXPLAIN
why I need to move in with TweedleyPug more, well,
you are certainly not the Bunny I originally took you for.
*Annie flick lights back up and catches Howie snoring
in back of room* I eagerly await the Easter BunnyPug
Bus that will take me to Tweedles House.

LOVE and KISSES with hearts and little flowers,