Howie's Fan Club

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Linus - The New Puggy Puppy on the Block

Linus the Pug Puppy
Has Signed up for the
Howard Pee Pugpants Plan Fur Success

Dear Linus:

This here is your uncle Howie. Mom said you came to your new home last week with her friend Susan and her hubby and their 2 little girls. We haven't met yet. Mama told Susan they should not expose you to me yet, because I am a bad influence. Have you ever heard such hooey in your life?? Well, mebbe not considering you jest fell off the turnip truck.

Now listen here, real closely, cuz there are important things you need to learn in order to be an upstanding puggy like me. Besides, Mama says I need to use my powers for good instead of evil, so here is my good deed of the day.

Eat as fast as yew can. Chewing is over-rated.

Snore loudly when you sleep. The peeps think it's cute
and it drives away bad influences like annoyin little sisters.

Wiggle your curley tailbun when the big peeps are eatin.
This is guaranteed to cause tablescraps to happen.

That's enough of the Plan for one day. I've been workin hard for the Snuggle Puggle lately so my thinker noggin is just plumb tuckered out. I'll be keepin toe tabs on yew so be sure to follow the Howard Pee Pugpants Plan Fur Success and you will go far.