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Monday, March 16, 2009

Uncle Stinkyfeet Writes Us All a Poem

Mommy and Annie

From Howard Pee Pugpants:

I got a note by carrier pigeon from my pals Dozer and Coopster delivered to my puggy prison this morning so I am paying a guard to post this on the bloggy in response. Dozer, you are absolutely right - what the heck has been going on? Mom hasn't posted to my blog in a week! She's been getting ready fur some art show at the Dallas Arboretum and so we have been sorely neglected. *Howie bangs his tin cup against Puggy prison bars demanding third breakfast...*

Fortunately, Uncle James aka "Stinkyfeet" has not forgotten about us. He wrote this here poem so you can tell that he really truly cares, unlike other paint spattered individuals who shall remain nameless (due to censoring). Thanks Uncle Stinkyfeet, if you and Pokey and TacoBell gots room for a couple of unloved and forgotten puggies, we are all packed and ready to go to join you at the Volcano. Just one thing, you got plenty of food, right?


Visiting the beach,
Has always been a chore.
My master seems to like it
To me it's such a bore.

But this time it was different,
I really had some fun
Cause all my pals were there today,
Lapping up the sun.

Linus came to see us
Dragging masteress Manon Doyle
Winnifred and Nancy next
And her pugs, forever loyal

I could barely just believe it when
I saw Pokey and TacoBelle,
Up from Costa Rica,
Dragging "StinkyFeet" as well

Melissa and Emmitt came running,
All tongues, and fur and paws
Sheila and Carrie there painting,
Doing artwork for "The Cause"

But the greatest thrill of all,
Was when Tweedles joined my side
Together we went off alone
To watch the incoming tide.

We trotted down the beach,
For an hour..maybe more
Till it was time to return again,
To our buddies by the shore.
This day was really wonderful,
I hate to see it end.
But Adios, for now my friends,
I'll see ya round the bend.