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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pres. Bush Selects Cheese Security Team Leader Java the Pug

President Bush warmly embraces his new
cheese security advisor Java Cheesybritches.
He will undoubtedly have to wash his shirt
later lest he smell like ripe cornchips and cheese.

From the Java Cheese Blog:
By now you all have probably heard that President Bush is moving right here to Dallas. Well, it was no surprise to me, Java Cheese, that our new neighbor has asked me to come by from time to time to keep a googley eye on the cheese situation in Preston Hollow. After all, everypuggy knows I am a connoisseur of growing all forms of cheese, even five minutes after a good scrubbing in the bathtub.

I call him Bushy
I told Bushy (he likes me to call him Bushy cuz we are pals like that and he calls me Cheesy) that of course I would consider the position, but first I would have to consult with Annie Bossybritches, since she is the ruler of all she surveys around here. And I also told Bushy I had to make sure that these important Presidential Cheese Tasks do not interfere with my nap schedule, which takes precedence over everything except for eating.

Senate Hearing will be a piece of cake
I am quite confident I can pass the Senate Panel Hearing on Monday since the only skeletons in my closet involve the badness of my brother Howard, of which you all are very familiar. And those should jest be minor problems, since they haven't actually arrested him fur anything yet, cuz anytime he wants to evade the mama or daddy he just runs under the kitchen chair and POOF he is invisible.

I do pledge and promise to stay in touch with all of yew if I do take this important position in the administration de fromage.