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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Mr. Dog, A Forgotten Pug

Mr. Dog of West Virginia
On his way to his new foster home with
Chad and Gabby, after 5 years alone in a yard.

You're probably wondering how such a good looking fellow like me would ever slip from somebody's mind, aren't you? My foster mom and dad sure are. This morning when I woke up, I had to nibble my leg just to see if I was dreaming - I woke up indoors for the first time in 5 years.

This time last week I was in the YARD. The yard was my home and just about the only place I knew. It was very quiet in the yard, someone would run a hose and fill my water bowl and put some dry kibble out for me once in a while. My feet itched alot, and that helped me to pass the time. I kept little scratchies on the wooden fencepost to keep track of the days, but pretty soon I couldn't find a blank space to leave a daily scratch so I just gave up.

The last time I was indoors I was just a little pug puppy. I know I was terribly cute then, everyone said so, but the humans must have got tired of me because I was out in the yard before I knew it. I think this lady who found me might be an angel. Maybe I am in heaven? She has a soft voice and acts like she loves to pet me. So I am either dreaming or in heaven.

They are trying to think of a name for me now. I think Ferdinand might be nice. Or perhaps Rockefeller. Something subtle and understated. For now, I think I'll go over there and take a nap on that soft rug. Maybe that cute little girl puggy, Tulley Belle, will come sniff me again. She is about the nicest smelling thing I've ever met, aside from this new fancy kibble I'm getting.

Thank goodness for the lady. I think she loves me. How could that be, I am just Dog, after all? One thing I know for certain, I hope I never wake up in the yard again.