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Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Handsome Cheesy Pug

Java Cheesy
Main Street Vet Clinic
Flower Mound, Texas

This here is Java Cheesy

I don't get to write often because I live with Annie and Howie and well, need I say more?? Yesterday I went to see Dr. Carter and got my teeth cleaned. This picture was taken by one of my adoring lady friends at the vet. Notice my minty clean breath? *breathes into your face with his minty clean breath*

Now I can blow kisses to all my honeys without fear of embarrassing bad breath. While I was asleep, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman tickled my ears and found some cheese growing germs in there. They gave me a shot in my bee-hind and some pills. Imagine my worry to learn that my essential cheesiness could be taken away just like that? But Mom said that she is confident that after all this medicine is gone, my cheese will return again, just like the sunshine.

*eyes droop* Well footheater friend is calling and my tum is full of Cowboy Cookout stew. We'll talk more after naptime, I promise.