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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Howie's Thoughts on Valentines and Romantical Things

Ever since I got this new tie from Aunty Laura, I've been rethinking the whole Valentine thing. After all, there is food involved, yes? Cuppycakes and crunchy heart candy thingies that occasionally fall on the floor to get eaten by mooo-wah... (That's french fur "me")!

Well then the Mom took off my new Valentine tie and said THIS TIE was fur going to WORK. WORK? what the heck is that? I been working fur Eduardo Snuggle Puggle, but accordin' to the terms of the Puggle Contract, I didn't have to actually go nowhere fur that.

I mean, yes, I did some PERCH NAPPIN fur the Snuggle Puggle, which was actually multi-taskin cuz I was fartin too. But this whole GO TO work thing has me pur-plexed. Do they have food at this place called work?