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Monday, March 30, 2009

Poser Puggies

Howie thinking about Pearl

Annie (front piggie), Howie (back piggie)

From Anniebelly:
Mom finally got a new camera, one of them fancy schmancy ones, undoubtedly so she can take lovely pictures of mooo-wah. Imagine my pug-sternation to see that Howie was the first one to get his puggy covershot!!! *steam coming out of Anniebelly's cute little ears*

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Long-Distance Puggy Affair

Hi, this here is Anniebelly. Today I want you to meet my
sweetiepuggy, Bajas who makes my heart go pitty pat.

Handsome, isn't he? Look at those dreamy nose folds and
those big brown eyes. He has been hiding under the covers lately,
but posed for a photoshoot for the pug-parazzi yesterday.

Bajas is not only handsome, he is a brave metropolitan
puggy who is not afraid to take the city bus in Norway.

This is Bajas' brother, Virus, who is a Devon Rex Kitty. Bajas said
he is pretty sure Virus is adopted, since they eat different food and all.

*I love you Bajas! I am sending you kisses Airmail to Norway from Texas!*

Monday, March 16, 2009

Uncle Stinkyfeet Writes Us All a Poem

Mommy and Annie

From Howard Pee Pugpants:

I got a note by carrier pigeon from my pals Dozer and Coopster delivered to my puggy prison this morning so I am paying a guard to post this on the bloggy in response. Dozer, you are absolutely right - what the heck has been going on? Mom hasn't posted to my blog in a week! She's been getting ready fur some art show at the Dallas Arboretum and so we have been sorely neglected. *Howie bangs his tin cup against Puggy prison bars demanding third breakfast...*

Fortunately, Uncle James aka "Stinkyfeet" has not forgotten about us. He wrote this here poem so you can tell that he really truly cares, unlike other paint spattered individuals who shall remain nameless (due to censoring). Thanks Uncle Stinkyfeet, if you and Pokey and TacoBell gots room for a couple of unloved and forgotten puggies, we are all packed and ready to go to join you at the Volcano. Just one thing, you got plenty of food, right?


Visiting the beach,
Has always been a chore.
My master seems to like it
To me it's such a bore.

But this time it was different,
I really had some fun
Cause all my pals were there today,
Lapping up the sun.

Linus came to see us
Dragging masteress Manon Doyle
Winnifred and Nancy next
And her pugs, forever loyal

I could barely just believe it when
I saw Pokey and TacoBelle,
Up from Costa Rica,
Dragging "StinkyFeet" as well

Melissa and Emmitt came running,
All tongues, and fur and paws
Sheila and Carrie there painting,
Doing artwork for "The Cause"

But the greatest thrill of all,
Was when Tweedles joined my side
Together we went off alone
To watch the incoming tide.

We trotted down the beach,
For an hour..maybe more
Till it was time to return again,
To our buddies by the shore.
This day was really wonderful,
I hate to see it end.
But Adios, for now my friends,
I'll see ya round the bend.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Howie Wins an Award for Missing Work for Eduardo Puggle Today

Howie's Award He Won For Doin'
Absolutely Nothing and
Missing Work Today fur the Puggle

Howie explains to the baby puggies how to avoid
work and get into trouble a few times every day.

From Howard Pee Pugpants:

My pal Moco gave me this award today and there were a lot of rules to go with it and I'm supposed to share it with my pals. I'm not gonna share it. I'm gonna keep it with the Stain Award I stole from my pal Pearl. I think there are rules that go with this award too. I'm not gonna do any of the rules, either, unless one of them is about farting out loud.

As you can tell, I woke up on the wrong side of the crate this morning. Annie kept yelling at me to GIT UP ITS TIME TO WORK FUR THE SNUGGLE PUGGLE EDUARDO TODAY. I told her to call in and tell BossMan Eduardo I am taking a Howie Mental Health Day. I fastened the latch on the doggy door while Annie was out in the yard, so my Howie Mental Health Day has been great so far. Just ignore that pounding sound from the back door, k?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Howie Kissing Pearl and Stealing Awards NoPuggy Gave Him

From HowiePants:

I was real good while maw was outta town last week. She
fergot her creddy card so I used it to get some wheels to
drive up to Edmond and pick up my jiggley wiggley

*Howie whips out his puggy wallet* This here is Pearly's
picture. Cute ain't she? Yew can't tell from this picture,
but she's got a jiggle in her wiggle. She also makes art with
poop. She is the puggy gal of my dreams.

Her mama put this picture up of our big date on Valentine's
day. She dates a lot of pugs, but I'm pretty sure
she likes me best cuz I fart loudest.

Pearl won this award
for doing something bad.
I stole it so now it is my award.
I am so proud to have this new award.

Thanks Pearl!!!