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Monday, April 13, 2009

Update - Schnauzer Reunited With Family!!

Howie and Pearl and all our puggy pals are celebrating today because the little Schnauzer I rescued yesterday went home to his family last night. One of our neighbors alerted one of their neighbors, and so on, until the family who was at church on Easter Sunday got home and called us to let us know their baby was sorely missed!

In all the excitement, I never got the name of the Schnauzer, so we shall call him Charlie because he was so quiet and unassuming. Charlie ate a big bowl of Merrick's venison stew while he was visiting. He demonstrated such gusto eating his stew, that I suspected Charlie was on a diet. Sure enough, Charlie's mom confirmed that he is quite the little piggy and will eat just about anything if you let him. *wonder to self, perhaps Charlie the Schnauzer is PART PUG???*

Charlie's mama was almost crying on the phone, she was so happy to hear we had him safe and sound. She and her family came over and picked him up pronto when they got home from church. They were not sure how he got out of the fence, and were going to check for holes immediately. We've had so much wind this week, perhaps a new hole had formed and Charlie made his escape to the house down the street that served Venison Stew.

We are so glad he is home. So many angels are hovering about Norwich Street this week. And for that, we are thankful.