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Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas From AnnieBee and Her Pug Family!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
from Studio Director AnnieBee!

May all your holiday wishes come true,
and your bowl always be filled with delicious kibble!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Howie Pee Christmas Pug Wishes All His Peeps Happy Howlidays

Right after my baff

This here is Howie

I got a baff today for Christmas. Maw said I smelt like the bottom of a fish tank, and Santa wudd steer clear of my house if she didn't do somethin' pronto. She took me to see my girlfriend Nicole who adores me who gives me my baffs. Now I smell like roses, dog food, and farts. I hope all my good pug friends get visits from Pugmas Claws and get all the toys and prezzies they deserve, even AnnieSmelly.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Reality Pug TV - Howie's Live Pug Cam Video - Wild Pugs Doing Puggy Things

This here is Reality Show Pug Howie

I'm a star of my new show, Reality Pug TV. That there good lookin' pug laying in the orthopedic pug bed with two chicks is me. I'm the good lookin' one on the right. The two fat ones to the left are my sisters, Hannah and AnnieSmelly. My main man Java is there in the back, ready to do my biddin should I need a chilled beverage or the remote.

Maw and Paw hooked up the pug cam a few months ago and didn't tell me. I didn't find out about it til I got busted calling my girlfriend Pearley the other day on maws cell phone. Pearley and me we like to chat about important things, like making art out of our poo. Aye Tee and Tee got suspicious about excessive pugtexting and called maw at work one day, and that's when the turdleys hit the fan.

Now I just lay here all day, bossin my peeps, fartin on my sisters, and snoring. Tune in tomorrow for another riveting photo from the pug cam. Dad says with all this action and adventure, the pug cam is definitely not a premium channel, but what does he know. He should go back and play angry birds on his phone and mind his own bidness or somethin' already.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Dear Santa From AnnieBee

AnnieBee aka AngelicBee

Dear SantaPaws,

This here is Your Favorite Pug AnnieBee. Mommee says I have been really especially good this year, when I am sleeping. She said when I am sleeping, I am not digging the bath towels in the washroom into a pile to pee on. She says when I am sleeping I am not attacking my reflection in the oven door. She says when I am sleeping, I am not barking at her art clients who come to the house for important transactions involving square things that hang on the walls and look at me with frozen smiles on their faces while I fuss at them for not paying attention to me. She says when I am sleeping I am not trying to give my brother Howie a spankin for being annoying. And she says when I am sleeping, I am cute as a little smooshy nose bug in a rug. So as you can plainly see, I am perfect except for nine or 10 things.

So please bring me everything in the Neiman Marcus catalog 2011 this year, especially the sparkley items.

Love, AnnieBee With Kissies (and little hearts as dots over the "i's" in kissies)
PS - If you could also find a home for my foster sissy, Hannah, that would be most appreciated. This whole sharing mama's lap thing is for the birds!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Interview With Soon to Be Former Colgate Model AnnieBee

AnnieBee awaiting her teeth cleaning

This here is AnnieBee, soon to be former Colgate Model and spokespug.

I went to see Dr. Carter who adores me last week, cuz mama said I kept drooling. I told mama that feeding me more often would cure that problem, but she persisted since she is such a worry wart. Dr. Carter is a special tooth doctor with creedentials for orthodontia and he is from Alabama and he always tells everybody I'm the cutest pug he has ever seen, but who can blame him? The truth is, after mama left, Dr. Carter took seven of my teeth to add to the teeth necklace of mine he made last time I went to see him that I told yew about.

I tried to explain to his nurse that I need my pearly whites, most especially all my crooked bottom front teeth, since they are one of my endearing imperfections. *Howie rolls his eyes* But Dr. Carter insisted they were all broken and "just hanging on." I asked for some nice white veneers like Lindsey Lohan, but he thought I was joking! Then he got real worried, he told mama later, cuz he found a big pocket of infection under one of my back teeth. When I finally woke up from the sleepy juice, I had extra wrinkleys on my noggin, and everyone had to carry me around like a baby.

I enjoyed that attention, but now when I smile, all I see is gumline and my canine teefs showing! Howie said it makes me look more like a vampire, which is closer to my true nature, but mama is sad that my lip won't curl up for my signature snaggletooth smile any more. I think she's just upset that my Colgate spokespug contract could get canceled and so she can't spend money like a crazy mama any more. After all, how I can be their model any more now that I only gots a few toofs left? The worst part *baby pugs cover your ears and leave the room please* is I cannot play with any toys for TWO WEEKS. WHAT'S THAT ALL ABOUT??? *baby pugs can come back in the room now*