Howie's Fan Club

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Six Things That Make Howie Happy

Punchy sent me a note that I gotta report
six things that make me happy. I'm thinkin
real hard about it, and I think I got it now.

My friend the kibble container, he
makes me very happy. I like to spend
time with him in his pantry house from
time to time just to say hello.

Meaty muffins. yummmmmmmm. What's
not to like about meaty muffins? They got meat!
mmmm. They got muffin! mmmmmmm

Birthday cookies are also something that
make me real happy. Even if it's not my
birthday, if you were to say, send me a cookie,
I'd be real happy. Just speaking rhetorically that is.

Barkin at them dang birds. I do enjoy
doing that quite a bit.

Chewin on stuff I'm not sposed to be
chewin on always makes me happy.

Yummy chewy bones also happen to
make me very happy.

Here's my happy face. Mom says I had
just had a bath in this picture, but I don't
believe her fur a second. Why on earth
would I be happy about that???