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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Howie's Thankful For List

This here is Howie

Mawz in the kitchen cookin turkey so I'm in charge. She said I can't have turkey cuz it's got Trytophan in it. Have you ever heard such hooey in your life???

This here is my thankful for list she said I had to write. Sheesh, how am I sposed to get anything important done when she gives me homework when I'm sposed to be in the kitchen supervisin?

Okay okay I'm also thankful for all my good friends, even the kittyfriends who teach me bad stuff to do like JaneKitty and NewmanKitty, my protegekittypal. Everypuggy out there be sure to remember there is a fat guy watching you and taking notes about your badness, anyway that's what maw sez all the time.

Howie's Thankful For...

1 - Fartin
2 - Eating
3 - Barkin at neighbors
4 - Diggin through peeps purses
5 - Eating
6 - A brother who smells like cheese
7 - Backy rubs
8 - Sisters who go away to the farm sometimes
9 - Eatin
10 - Turkey even though it's got tryptophan in it what the heck is wrong with that I asks???
11 - Friends who mail me food
12 - Smelling like the bottom of a fish tank directly after my bath
13 - Sandy Claws even though he never gives me the one thing I ask for - a deep fried crunchy elf with ranch dippin sauce.

Happy Thanksgiving from Howard Pee Pugpants and family!