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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Howie Kissing Pearl and Stealing Awards NoPuggy Gave Him

From HowiePants:

I was real good while maw was outta town last week. She
fergot her creddy card so I used it to get some wheels to
drive up to Edmond and pick up my jiggley wiggley

*Howie whips out his puggy wallet* This here is Pearly's
picture. Cute ain't she? Yew can't tell from this picture,
but she's got a jiggle in her wiggle. She also makes art with
poop. She is the puggy gal of my dreams.

Her mama put this picture up of our big date on Valentine's
day. She dates a lot of pugs, but I'm pretty sure
she likes me best cuz I fart loudest.

Pearl won this award
for doing something bad.
I stole it so now it is my award.
I am so proud to have this new award.

Thanks Pearl!!!