Howie's Fan Club

Friday, October 31, 2008

Tales of Halloween Woe From Howard Pee Ballerina-Pants

A picture of my spoiled brat sister Annie (fat one, upper right)
having a wonderful time at Aunty Sharon's house probably
eating all sortsa halloween yummies and havin' a ball.

Me, Howie, in the Ballerina-Pug costume mom made me wear
as a result of the totally biased and rigged election that
I told yew all about earlier. Dats it. I'm callin the double
aye ess pee see aye on Annie's cell phone. As yew
can tell, this is not my happy face.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Annie's Bathday - Gettin' All Spiffied Up

Annie after her bath - gettin all spiffied up for Pugoween.

Fourteen pounds of Anniebelly pug hair
from a thirteen pound puggy. 'Nuff said.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bajas the Cyberpug

From Annie: I think it's so romant-ical that Bajas called me from across the miles, even if he did charge it to Howie. His mommy posted this picture of him and you can clearly see he is dreaming about me. Howie says it looks like Bajas is having a nightmare. Just wait til Howie sees his phone bill. That will teach him! *blows kisses to Bajas*

Friday, October 24, 2008

Say Toodles to Skippy Wu, Fashion DivaPug

Skippy Wu, a fashionable Washington puggy
with a style, personality, and blog all her own.

We want to roll out the red carpet (covered with honorary puggy hair, we might add) for our dear friend Skippy Wu. *waves hi to Skippy Wu* Skippy has launched her own blog so wriggle over and say hi to her. Tell her that Howie Pee sent you.

Our mommy is not always the smartest potato in the sack, it took her TWO or THREE times to figure out that one of our best-est puggy friends Skippy is blogging now! As you can see, Skippy to My Wu is quite the beauty queenpuggy. She has her own line of gorgeous accessories with her mama's shop, Linden Line Designs. Can somedoggy please explain why our mommy can't make beautiful thingies for us? Our mommy is still learning to make toast. *sniffs air suspiciously* Uh oh! we better go and check, we smell toast burning....

Signed with excitedness,
Howie, Annie, and Java Cheese

My First Winter Without You

Winnifred Wigglepants
Beloved Pug Angel

Tonight they're predicting temperatures in the 40s. Summer is gone and every change is a reminder that you were beside me at this time last year. You are still with me now, but in my heart, my little velcro muffin and my shadow, my little love.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

In Pursuit of Howie - The Epic Adventure PugMovie

In Pursuit of Howie - in puggy theaters now!!

An epic puggy adventure with a hair-raising chase scene. Conehead puggy Java Cheesybritches and Howard Pee Pugpants (sans Cone) dispel the notion that e-collars take away all the fun in life. Rated PugGee, suitable for all wrinkley snorfley audiences. We dedicate this movie to our buddy and good fur-riend DozerDoggy who happens to also be a Conehead this week. Special puggy movie star and angel Winnie Wiggles has a cameo appearance!!! *boy puggies hearts going pitty pat*

Friday, October 17, 2008

Thinking Get Well Thoughts for DozerPants

Dozer dreaming about his peanut
butter kong which he will be chewin
on very soon.

Our buddy Dozer had surgery this week for a torn ACL. We are so glad he is home and feeling a little better today. His mama bought him a big comfy new crate to heal in and he has been enjoying a peanut butter kong in between treats during his re-Coop-eration. (Get it, Coop? Re-Coop-eration?). His brother Cooper and sister Dottie are probably wondering by now why Dozer got his very own doggy condo and what that funny looking collar he is wearing is all about. We are sending healing thoughts to our buddy today! Get well soon Dozer, so you can


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Howard Pee's Special Investigative Report: Puggy Voter Fraud

Howard in his Cowpug Costume,
a perfectly normal costume one would
expect a boy pug to wear, as opposed
to a BALLERINA costume his MAMA
wants him to wear this year.

Howard Pee Pugpants Investigative Puggy Reporter, Dallas Branch: I hate to tell everypuggy and all my other friends out there, but I am deeply disturbed by a recent discovery about Puggy Voter Fraud RIGHT HERE on this here blog here. Yew all see that little voting thingy ma bobber up there about what Halloween costume I should wear this year? *points toe to the right, the other right, yeah, that one*

Well my special auditing committee Java Cheesybritches has been monitoring the polls (in between his naps) and he discovered that all yew good citizens have been voting for me to be a COWPUG. But every time mama enters the page guess what she is doing? Mama keeps voting over and over again fur me to be a BALLERINAPUG.

I am filing a complaint to the Puggy Voter Fraud Board and putting my special offensive farty scent all over the little card so it will be sure to get attention. In the meantime, vote fur my COWPUG outfit. As yew can plainly see, I am very handsome in it. Thank yew. Thank yew very much.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Annie's Gets EVEN MORE Prezzies

Howie, don't even think about taking my new
orange ball. I'd hate to hafta go Matrix on yew.

Annie loves getting packages in the mail, especially when she doesn't have to share with her brothers. She got this new extra comfy lamby snoozey pad and a special bonus prezzie from Aunty Laura's shop, The Cat in the Clover, on Friday. Annie especially enjoyed the orange ball, considering I had to retrieve it from under the couch four times in the first 10 minutes. Thanks Aunty Laura - we give it 12 paws up and circle snaps! Cat in the Clover has some great new beds and wonderful things for dogs, too!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A DivaPug Needs Her Bling

Annie's New Pawty Dress

Donch yew love my new dress from Aunty Punchy? *bats eyelashes* It's got a crino-linn petty-coat and pretty bows and is my official pawty dress. Howie wants to know why the heck I'm getting all these prezzies lately and all he is getting is diddley squat. I got news fur Howie, mommy sez I'm the new pug on the block and she is needing to build up my bling factor a bit now that I am a big girl and I'm all spayed and everything. Howie sez he don't think I'm ready for the public just yet, but he's one to talk, considering he would eat poop if it had peanut butter on it. *makes gagging motion with paw*

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Talk to the Paw! I'm on the Phone Howie!!!

I'm on the phone Howie. Talk to the Paw!!

Anniebelly sez: Thank you Aunty Rita at Casbah Kitten fur my wonderful new celly phone. I do love it so much most especially because it has a BLOCK OBNOXIOUS PUGGY BROTHER button that I keep engaged at all hours of the day just in case Howard tries to call. Last time Howie called, all he did was FART into the phone. *rolls eyes* What if some handsome puggy like Bajas calls? *heart goes pitty pat* We certainly can't be wasting our precious minutes on flatulating brothers.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

In Memory of an Angel - Bonita the Pug

Bonita, Puggy Angel

My friend Jacki, a Dallas Fort Worth Pug Rescue volunteer, and her husband Martin lost their puggy girl Bonita to GME Encephalitis recently. This is the same disease that took my Winnie Wiggles in January. Since Bonita's passing, Jacki and Martin have opened up their hearts and homes to two new pugs they have adopted from DFW pug rescue, Sophie Too and Sleepy. This portrait is dedicated to Bonita, a pug angel who was loved beyond words and will never be far from her mom and her dad's hearts.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Thistle Paintings

Artscape at the Dallas Arboretum was a big success and a really fun day. What a beautiful setting for an art show. The pumpkin patch was right next to our art tents so we got to see the families taking pictures of their little ones all day. Four thousand runners had a race around White Rock Lake the morning the show started, and later in the day the Arboretum had about 6000 more visitors. I did get to sneak away for a few minutes Sunday morning to take some photos, and these fall thistles are based on some of the amazing flowers on the grounds at the Arboretum. Artscape is moving to March in 2009, so I'm hoping to get selected again to attend. Maybe I'll see you there!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Howard Pee Pugpants and the Yummy Turkey Muffins

This is me, Howie, starring in my own movie adventure about yummy turkey muffins. What's not to like about turkey muffins, I ask? They've got muffin stuff - yummmmmmmm. They've got meaty stuff - yummmmmmmmmmmmmm. If only mom wouldn't waste all that time letting them cool before I get to eat them. And if only I didn't have to SHARE them. There are so many things wrong with having to share stuff. I don't know who invented Sharing but I would like to bite them.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Anniebelly's Very Busy Day

Meet mousey. Mousey is my toy du jour.
Please DO NOT confuse other toys today
with toy du jour, mousey. This is important
mama. Mama, are you paying attention???

Annie's To-Do List for Today

1 - Sleep with belly pointing up and head resting in crook of mama's neck for 1 hour this morning, snoring the whole time.

2 - Roll out of a deep sleep and immediately locate the toy du jour.

3 - Toss toy du jour at mama's feet until mama realizes she is not doing her job and THROWS the toy for Annie.

4 - Eat.

5 - Go outside and pee.

6 - Come back inside; locate toy du jour.

7 - Toss toy du jour at the mama's feet until the mama realizes she has a job to do and THROWS the toy for Annie again.

8 - Climb into the mama's lap and fall into a deep sleep for 5 minutes, snoring loudly the whole time, while mama gets ready for work.

9 - Repeat steps 3 and 7 until the mama has the nerve to leave for work.

10 - Standing on tippy toes, howl and shriek and squeal like a pig for 30 seconds at top of lungs.

11 - Climb into the comfy bed and snuggle Java until asleep and snoring again.