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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Linus Training Program Payin' Off Big Time

From Howie:
Well everybuddy, Linus' trainin program is really payin off big time. You can see he is making lots of progress. His mama says he is almost ready to come meet me in person. Here is Linus progress report for his work this month in the Howard Pee Pugpants Program Fur Success.

This here is called the Tug Position. Linus
is doin' an excellent job of tuggin the hoomans
to the food bin. I give this one three goes up.

This here is Linus practicin' the I'm Gonna
Pounce on Yew position. It works real well
fur scarin off other puggies approachin
yer food bowl. As yew can imagine,
it is critical to puggy survival.
I give Linus four toes up fur this one.

And this here is the Make a Cute Puggey
Wuggey Face position. Now don't make fun,
even tough guys like me and Linus know
that the way to a mama's heart is with
the lovey dovey googley eyes. I give
Linus four toes up fur this one.