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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tanner Marlow, Private Eye Puggy, Meets Howie

This here is Howie.

I got a new foster brother this week named Tanner. Maw sez he is real well behaved, but I'm taking care of that problem as quickly as I can. I already taught him how to get rowdy and bark at mealtime, pee on the deck instead of in the yard, and how to steal Annie's toys just cuz it annoys her.

I've got a list of about twenty thousand other important Howie Tricks of the Trade to work on with him, so I hope he sticks around fur a while. Tanner used to have his own harem in a place called Oklahoma where they made baby pugs like marshmallows on an assembly line. He got his first bite of cheese ever in his whole life yesterday, and his eyes got all buggy. I told him if he tells me how he broke outta that jail up there, I'd tell him which drawer the cheese is stored in. Here's his story:

Tanner Marlow, CIA

Tanner Marlow, Private Eye Pug.

You have undoubtedly heard of me. I escaped from Abu Growl prison in Marlow, Oklahoma, last week with the assistance of my contacts in the DFW Pug Rescue organization. My covert deep underground sources had tapped out a puggy SOS and lo and behold, the famous rescue peeps came with their capes and tights and PugOWeen T shirts and got us all out of a bad situation.

I was the stud puggy in Marlow with my own harem, but foster mom says I am currently the only pug in her household who does not pee indoors or misbehave. I do enjoy scratches and pats and lovey dovey looks from ladies, but I'm just a little afraid of men. My foster dad and I get along just fine, though, especially after he offered me a bowl of stew with meaty muffin sauce. I am about 7 years old and will be wanting to relocate my headquarters soon.

If you would like to hire me to be your official furever puggy, please fill out an adoption application for Tanner Marlow. You'd better hurry, though, with my smile and sparkling personality, I won't be looking for new digs long!

Even a spypuggy's gotta chillax sometime

Nappin Tanner