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Monday, July 14, 2008

Sarah's Angel

This little angel has traveled with me for 12 years. My friend Sarah in Santa Barbara made the angel for me and had discarded it because she said the color was all wrong. When I saw the angel, I begged her to let me have this one, exactly as it was. Last week a visitor in my house accidentally dropped the angel and it broke into four pieces. With a little Elmer's glue, I was able to reassemble my fellow traveler, good as new. I'm not sure what it is about this little angel that I find so appealing, maybe it's because Sarah had such a gentle soul and she is the one who made it. The angel sits in my studio and watches over my pugs and I every day. It has moved with me five times and knew my souldog Buddy and my Angel Wiggles, too. Now it watches over Annie, Howard and Java as they nap at my feet. It's small, but I'm a firm believer that even a little angel dust can be a very good thing...

Purple Roses

Purple Roses

A Peek Into the Studio Today

On Friday my artistic friend Judy Mackey and I will take our creations to the Dallas Arboretum for potential entry into their first juried show. *crossing fingers, toes, and all puggy appendages nearby* After weeks and weeks of painting landscapes, I needed to stop and produce something frivolous. I found a bouquet of PURPLE miniature roses in the grocery store. One of my fellow shoppers wondered if they had been dyed. I hope not. I think the world would be so much more interesting if you could just grow purple roses, don't you?