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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Joshua the Pug - A Miracle Rescue Story

Joshua -- May 2009

Joshua -- June 2009

Dallas Fort Worth Pug Rescue takes in all pugs regardless of age or medical condition. DFW Pug Rescue volunteers work tirelessly to save every little pug we can. Here is the story of Joshua in the words of his foster mom, Joann. Joshua won her heart and Joann eventually adopted Joshua into her own family.
From Joann

In May I received a call to foster a pug in need. He had demodectic mange, hookworms, roundworms, tapeworms ~ the poor little guy. His name was Joshua and he looked awful. He had no hair, he had scabs everywhere, and he smelled really bad.

When I went to Westcreek and they brought him out, he was so sad looking. All I really saw was the most amazing, beautiful amber eyes asking for love! I took Joshua home and started making him welcome there. He was just a little shy at first, I think he knew how bad he looked and smelled. We did not not care, we started him on his meds and then baths.

He was not making a whole lot of improvement at first and then I thought, because he had developed some secondary infections on his skin, maybe I should just scrub him like a burn patient, so I did. After several scrubbings, the yeast and staph were gone. It left his skin really dry, so we started to bathe him with baby shampoo mixed with olive oil scalp treatment. We were amazed that after two shampoos his hair just started sprouting in so fast that in less than a week he was solid black again. He now has the softest skin and the shiniest coat.

Joshua has turned out to be the most beautiful black boy we had ever seen. He never once fussed about any treatment. He was always laid back and I think almost enjoying the baths and being showered with constant love. Of course, during all this treatment, we fell in love with little Joshua and chose to adopt him and make him a huge part of our family. He will be loved and taken care of like he deserves and will never have to go through all that again.

After many trips to the vet he is the best pug ever! We want to thank DFW Pug Rescue for saving Joshua and so many other poor pugs. If it were not for them many, many pugs would not be saved.

Larry & Joann Meriwether