Howie's Fan Club

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Java Cheesy the Birthday Boy

Today is my birthday. As you can see,
I am a mature, handsome puggy man.

This is me when I was little. I was the
first puggy to join the Pugpant Household
and trained mom on all the important rules
of puggy ownership.

And because I was numero uno puggy, mom
had no clue about portion control, as you can
see from my belly. Alas, those days of endless
eating are over.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Howie Takes Over Blog and Posts His Favorite Pictures of Hisself

This here is Howie.

I'm takin over this here blog cause my maws a big LOSER. *makes L shape over his forehead, despite his lack of thumbs* She has been hangin out in da art studio makin a mess instead of lettin me check in on my mail and my girlfriends and sech.

Here is da first picture I am puttin on my blog since it is my favorite. I'm jest gonna post all my favorite pictures of myself from now on and pretend AnniSmelly has moved to Montana with PudgePants.

Aunty Mindy made me this here BAD PUGGY T shirt a long time ago. I am too fat to wear it now but I still love it. It's much better than that other thing maw was gonna make me wear fur PugOWeen but we won't talk about that. *gives Anniebelly the evil googley eye*

Maw made me wear this costume last year and I admit am am hansum but the hat kept fallin into my eyes and blockin my view of the food bowl so I ate it. Maw howled and hollered when she found out I ate the hat but it was leather so it was protein and good fur me. She needs to go eat some fiber and calm down or somethin.

If yew are gonna be at PugOWeen look for my maw. She will be the crazy one in the green T shirt runnin around takin pictures. She said I have to stay home cuz I don't know how to behave in public. Have you ever heard such hooey in your life??? sheesh.