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Sunday, March 14, 2010

AnnieBee Travels to FreddyBurg

This here is Annie - mom and dad took me to FreddyBurg last week. We left
the stinky boys at home, out of the public eye, where they belong.

This is my Dad, he carries me around and does my bidding.
He's a big guy, but, trust me, he's wrapped around my littlest pinky toe.

This is me thinking what it would be like to be a city dog like
my heart-throb Bajas. I think I could get used to the bright lights!

One should always peruse potential purchases carefully in order
to assess how they will fit into the current AnnieBee Collections.

I arrived at mommy's art show in Freddyburg fashionably late
and was adored by all my peeps. I take my job as Activity
Director at Flower Mound Art Studio very seriously.

Did you really think I would leave the store without a toy? Daddy had to
pick me up and run me over the scanner because I refused to release
this acquisition for checkout. Can you blame me? He SQUEEAKSSS!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Howie Goes Camo

Howard goes camo....