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Friday, August 27, 2010

CelebrityPug Stubby Visits the Pugpants

CelebrityPug Stubby
looking all GQ

This here is Howie

Maw said I can write the blog today since I made the most noise at breakfast this morning. My good pal Stubby brought his folks over for a visit yesterday. He brought a bag full of food, per my instructions. Stubby has been traveling all over the country surprising folks with visits. I tried to climb into the car with Aunty Michele and Stubby as a surprise but maw said no. Have you ever heard such hooey in your life? She didn't even listen when I splained that Stubs gets to visit sixty dozen different refrigerators before he goes home.

I knew something was up this morning when Stubby brushed his teeth before he left. I saw on twitter he is having lunch with my girlfriend Pearley Poo in Oklahoma today. S'okay though, I am generous that way, and besides, he promised to mail me their leftovers so I got no problem with my good buddy StubsMan.

This is me, Howie, with my
good pal StubbyPug and his
mom, Michele, who I would
like to trade my maw for

This is Stubby and his groupies

This is my sister Annie with
Aunty Michele.

This is Stubby hanging out with all
the pug rescue peeps. Check out the cutey
just to his left!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Goodbye Mr. Sunshine - Oscar Goes to the Bridge Today

I was 11 years old when I arrived at
the Medina Foster Home for Wayward Pugs

Today my heart is breaking, as my beloved foster pug, Oscar, will be going to the Rainbow Bridge. His furever mom and dad, Jennifer and Dave, have adored and loved this special boy since they adopted him from DFW Pug Rescue four years ago.

Oscar came to rescue at the age of 11, and had the face of a teddy bear. He was an old soul but adored when I gave him kisses. Any time his family traveled, Oscar stayed with us, because he loved being at the Medina Foster Home for Wayward Pugs.

A few days ago he developed a cough, and his trachea is near collapsing. He has fluid on his lungs. He is no longer interested in food, which for Oscar, was his life passion. Jennifer said he is not himself at all and though he looks for her, he seems to be gone already. We had hoped he would see the age of 15 years, but it was not meant to be.

I pray the angels will take him gently and he will know how much he has been adored and loved in the short time we have known this amazing little fellow. I am so thankful he was in my life, and he went to such a loving home.

I've shared his story below. Please hug your babies today and tell them they are loved.

Goodbye Oscar, my sweet boy.

Howie showed me all the best places to pee
and how to bark at those pesky birds in the yard.

I may have been deaf, but I always knew when
something exciting was happening in the kitchen.
This is my best "Feed Me Scrambley Egg" face.

Foster mom said Santa Paws was bringing me a furever family.

The best thing about the foster home was all the women
kissing me all the time. Check out that cute little divapug
Winnie Wiggles in the corner. She always snuggled me at naptime.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Howie's Action Video

Scary cousin Newton

This here is Howie

That picture scared yew, dint it? That's my scary cousin Newton from California. His dad writes movie scripps. I'm havin this blown up poster size and I'm gonna hang it over Annie's bed so when she wakes up in the morning she'll have a suprize.

I decided to make my own action movie this weekend. Maw said I was poopin on the deck so I had to help scrub the deck. Have you ever heard sech hooey in your life??? This is my first Movie By Howie.


Monday, August 9, 2010

Puppy Dog Bed in Intensive Care

Annie anxiously waits
for the surgeon to finish

This here is AnnieBee with terrible news

Puppy Dog Bed is having surgery today. *wipes tear* Howie ate one of his eyeballs off and then started ripping out the stuffin through the hole. *shudders with horror* Mommy said that she had to do emergency surgery right away or else Howie would get constipated. So Puppy Dog Bed is in the surgical center and I'm stuck out here with nothin' but 3 year old copies of Sports Illustrated to read.

Caution - Graphic image -
hide eyes before viewing

The surgeon shooshed me out of the room during certain parts, she said they were too graphical for my little self to see. She said only old puggies who have been around the block could sit through something this awful without fainting. Howie sat through it and said he farted the whole time. I'm concerned the air was contaminated and fart particles during the surgery. *Annie makes note to puggy self to wash puppy bed in extra bleach*

The tearful reunion

GREAT NEWS!!! Surgeon said Puppy Dog Bed is going to be OKAY!!!! I was so happy to see Puppy Dog Bed when he came out of surgery. I grabbed him by the face and yanked him outta the surgeons' grip. Surgeon said to treat him with tender care and handle very gentley for the next 3 hours.

This is me making sure Puppy Dog Bed is back in tip top shape right after surgery. Howie climbed on and wouldn't get off. *steam comes outta Annie's ears*

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Howie's Daring Nighttime Raid


THIS HERE IS HOWIE *whispery voice*

I'm teaching foster brother Tanner the important tools of the trade and the lesson here is a night time freezer drawer raid. Now oncet you get the drawer open, you gotta shoves all the boring stuff aside like this.

Then you grabs the frozen doggy treats mommy hides in here fur you that she don't know that you know that you know about even though she don't know it. You get the pitcher.

Since I don't got no thumbs, I grabs the bag wiff my mouffff *speaks wiff mouff full*

Oh CWAP! It FELL! Ooopsie, I said Cwap. heh heh

Then, now this is the most important part so pay attention! When maw sez WHY IS THERE A BAG OF TREATS ON THE FLOOR THIS MORNING you jest tilt your head and say wutt? huh? Aren't I cute maw? Can I have summa those?

Monday, August 2, 2010

Java Directs A Pug Rescue Photoshoot

Brianna the pug is helping her dad, Nick
with the photoshoot of Puddin Pop

This here is Java

Ma said that since I managed to get into almost every picture on Saturday, I get to do the bloggy post today. As you can see, I was Mister Super Helpful when little Puddin Pop came over to get her photos made by the professional that day. This was my back yard, you see, so I felt it was important to be sure it was all done correctly.

Mister Camera Guy had to shoot Puddin's closeup six times before he got it right, because I kept jumping in front of the lens to try to explain to him about how he needed to adjust his lighting and to make sure nopuggy was getting snacks that I wasn't privvy to. Mom finally grabbed me and held me out of the way, which I found very disturbing, being as Mister Camera Guy clearly needed help. After all, why else would he bring his assistant, Brianna, to stand on his shoulders and snort directions?

I kind of got crushy on little Puddin, look how cute she is! Mom said she was a perfect lady and Howie said I should get her phone number and ask her out, seeing as she has her own wheels and I don't know how to drive. Puddin was dropped off at a shelter and could not walk when she came to Dallas Fort Worth Pug Rescue. After some hydrotherapy and a new wheelcart, she is getting around pretty as you please.

Mom said if I ever need some fancy wheels, she knows exactly how she'll train me. She'll hang a big ole hunk of cheese in front of my nose. I suggested we start practicin' right now.

Aunty JoAnn and Puddin Pop

Puddin smiling pretty and me, Java, in the
background, making sure it's all done right