Howie's Fan Club

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Resourceful Pug

Howie's solution to excess paperwork

People think I exaggerate when I say that I depend daily on my fattyfurred studio assistants to complete almost every piece of artwork churned out of Flower Mound Studio. But it's you can see, Howie is not afraid of a little paperwork. In fact, he thinks the printer is a magical machine whose job it is to spit out delicious paper for recreational purposes. You probably can't see the chew marks on that little paper hat he's wearing. Trust me, they're there.

A New England Life...

My friend Sharon has launched a blog about her life in New England, her critters, her gardens, and some of her favorite foods, too! I just love going to her page and listening to the sound of the waves and looking at the picture of her sweet doggygirl Lily on the beach. I could hang out there all day, if it weren't for Howard Pee and Annie and Java insisting on getting fed every 20 minutes...

Olivia's Story

Olivia Before

Olivia Now

Olivia was found wandering the streets by animal control and was brought in by the Houston branch of Dallas-Fort Worth Pug Rescue. She was skeletal and frightened and had demodectic mange and heavy yeast. Today Olivia has found a furever home with her mom Julie and she is lavished with only the best. She has come such a long way, and today Olivia can squeak the toy out of any squeakie toy.